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Home Remedies Acne Solutions

The popularity of homeopathic products and treatments continues to grow. Consumers can find an endless supply of homeopathic books, websites, stores, and healers. 

It is no surprise that manyhome remedies acne graphic woman bowl people today are seeking an all-natural treatment for blemishes and other complexion problems.

Home remedies for acne have existed for years, and most of the ingredients are found in nearly every kitchen.

The thought of prescription or over the counter medications is unappealing to many.

Unfortunately, these harsh treatments can have such severe side effects that the outcome is even worse than the original problem. 

Acne can be a downward spiral for many people. Nearly everyone will suffer from blemishes or occasional breakouts.

Others will face a much more severe condition. Chronic, constant acne plagues many Americans. And, after the acne is gone, scars are often left, serving as a constant reminder.

Home remedies for acne should be tried at the first sign of complexion problems. Barring an allergy to any of the ingredients, there is nothing to lose by trying these all-natural treatments.

Also, today's cost of medication is another reason to try these home remedies for acne before opening the wallet for more costly alternatives.


Aloe Vera juice. Apply two times a day to speed the healing of acne.

A mixture of ground orange peel and water. Apply to acne.

Cucumber. Apply ground pieces of cucumber to acne

Garlic. Rub one clove directly on acne.

Nutmeg & Milk. Make a paste-like mixture of nutmeg and milk; apply to acne.

Lemon juice and cinnamon. Mix lemon juice with equal parts of ground cinnamon, making a paste-like substance; apply to acne.

Papaya juice. Apply to acne to reduce swelling.


Tomato. Mash and apply to acne wash after one hour

Pomegranate. Roast and powder. Mix with lime juice and apply to acne.

Sesame seeds. Grind and mix with water. Apply to acne to reduce swelling.

Salt and vinegar. Mix into a paste. Apply to acne; wash after thirty minutes

Honey and cinnamon. Mix into a paste and apply to acne. Keep on overnight and wash off in the morning.

home remedies acne ebook graphicMany of these ingredients will not even require a trip to a specialty health store. They are common items found in any grocery store. 

Furthermore, studies have shown many of these products to help with inflammation, to have drying properties, and to draw out impurities. 

A homeopathic approach to acne is not a new, trendy fad. These are tried and true treatments, used for years by our parents, and their parents, and their parents!

Now, if you would like to really take your acne control to the next level, I highly recommend checking out the Acne Free In 3 Days Program here beacause the it has been tried, tested & proven to work. I also liked the program because it is based on effective ALL-NATURAL home remedies acne soultions.

 MORE: How to Make Your Own Home Remedies for Acne...

There are a lot of treatments for acne and each treatment varies in terms of cost. This article aims to teach you how to create your own home remedies as these will be the most inexpensive of them all. Upon finishing reading this article, you will be able to create your own home solutions. With home remedies, acne may or may not go away immediately, but the treatment time will definitely be shortened. First, let us review what acne is.

The skin disorder acne is caused by the hormonal imbalances which trigger an overproduction of skin oils. Pores become blocked, which leads to swelling, and can cause permanent scars should it be left untreated. Acne scars can be treated quickly through surgery, but that will cost you a lot. For this reason, prevention is always the answer. The good thing about home remedies is it is widely available. You never know, but you may already have some of these already in your garden!

  • Peppermint is an herb that has a small amount of menthol. Peppermint leaves can be crushed to extract a little bit of leaf juice, which is then applied on the infected areas. Allot about ten minutes maximum, then rinse it with cold water. This is particularly effective in soothing the inflammation of your infected skin. Also, if you wonít mind the process one bit, you can apply cooked oatmeal (Iím not kidding) mixed with a quarter cup of honey to the infected areas. If you do this, keep this concoction on for about ten minutes as well.
  • Speaking of combination, there is also lemon juice and rose petals. Lemon is known for its acid base and is a natural antibacterial liquid, as well as an astringent. Grinding rose petals can produce whatís called rose water, which dampens the strong acid in lemon. Combine lemon juice with rose water and apply it to your infected skin and rinse with cold water after several minutes.

As mentioned above, with home remedies, acne wonít be cured right away. These home remedies for your acne arenít meant to cure your acne or treat acne scars, but it can be added to your acne skin care treatments. Also, these home remedies can make short work of mild acne thereby preventing you from having worse cases of it. Most home remedies are NOT replacements to your current acne treatment, so donít take them as such. The the Acne Free In 3 Days Program here is a program I recommend for those of you dealing with skin issues that want a proven method of controlling your acne by using home remedy methods.

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